Stranded on Easy Street

Features: Bruce Hornsby (accordion, vocals, synthesizer); George Marinelli (guitar, backing vocals); John Molo (drums, percussion); Joe Puerta (bass, backing vocals), David Mansfield (guitar), Jimmie Wood (harmonica).

This is about a guy who is tempted by his friends’ urging him to marry for money.

He decides that, even though the girl is not his type, it’ll be okay to check out her scene as long as he doesn’t get stranded “in the royal suite.”

As the songs says, “I knew that she wanted more than I could give, but I just had to see how the other half lived. She showed me to her friends, she showed me her throne. I didn’t sell my soul, I just took out a loan.”

From “Bruce Hornsby & The Range – A Night On The Town” Sheet music published in 1990 by Cherry Lane Music Company, Inc. (ISBN 0-89524-580-9)


mp3  Stranded on Easy Street
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New York, NY
Band show (w/The Range); audience recording
September 1 1990


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