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Foreign Sounds

From Deep Sea Vents (album), 2024.

Features: Bruce Hornsby (piano, vocals), Alex Sopp (flute), Hideaki Aomori (clarinet), C.J. Camerieri (trumpet), Rob Moose (violin), Nadia Sirota (viola), Gabriel Cabezas (cello)

From BruceHornsby.com

“Gorgeous but heartbreaking, “Foreign Sounds” finds Hornsby picking up the croon of George Jones to share the perspective of a clownfish, lost at sea because of the underwater noise pollution that is currently wrecking ecosystems. The song comes from Hornsby’s rapacious reading, but it is much more than an academic exercise; it is, instead, a true ballad for the blighted, the heartsick, and the stranded.”



The clownfish has a close relationship with the sea anemone. The anemone provides protection from predators, and in return the clownfish lures other fish as food, helps circulate the water and removes parasites. Clownfish are one of the few fish that can survive the stinging tentacles of the anemones.  The relationship between the clownfish and anemone is called Symbiosis. See also: BarrierReef.org.

Underwater noise pollution

Oil and gas exploration, together with shipping and infrastructure expansion is preventing marine animals from hearing natural ocean noises. This pollution is pushing them away from their natural habitat, and even changing their migration patterns. This in turn impacts the ocean environment and natural ecosystem. See also: ArcticWWF.org.

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