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No Limits

Record: Non-Secure Connection (album) .. 2020

Features: Bruce Hornsby (piano, 12-string-guitar. bass, vocals); Gibb Droll (guitar); J.V. Collier (bass); Chad Wright (drums).

From Bruce Hornsby on Apple Music:

“This is coming from another area of modern classical music, the [Steve] Reichian minimalist piano. I guess you could say it’s a pop song—sometimes it reminds me a little bit of The Police, and that’s good. It’s a song about the neurological aspects of the elusive, fleetingly euphoric nature of creativity. I wrote it about writing another song, about the feeling of having written another song: the title song of my last record, Absolute Zero. That was the first song I wrote to a Spike cue. As I was writing it, it kept giving me chills. And I thought, ‘Oh man, there’s something really special about this piece and this feeling.’ I decided to write a song about that. Because it really is elusive. You wish you could bottle it, but you can’t. ‘I feel no limits, but I know it won’t last. I’ll kiss the moment and watch it run away so fast.’ The chorus of the song kind of says it all.”

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