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Anything Can Happen

Record: Non-Secure Connection (album) .. 2020

Features: Bruce Hornsby (piano, electric sitar, vocals); Leon Russell (vocals); Rob Moose (string arrangement, violin, viola).

From Bruce Hornsby on Apple Music:

“I didn’t write the lyrics – Leon Russell, one of my heroes, did. We wrote this song together in the early ’90s and it was the title cut from the record that we made [1992’s Anything Can Happen] that I helped him produce for Virgin Records. It started when he asked me to write a Barry White track for him, so the music here is my version of Barry White, with those nice jazzy chords. He had written the words and he asked me to select some for him out of this lyric notebook. I selected this one and he sang it, and his performance was amazing. In the end, I thought it was the best song on the record, and I’ve always wanted to recut it. I finally got around to doing that here, complete with electric sitar styling. Leon’s voice from the original rough mix that I have is wired in a very low level in the first part of the song. And then he emerges, comes into the light, and he sings with me and we’re singing in harmony together. It’s an homage to a guy that—along with Elton John—inspired me to get into playing the piano.”

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