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Features: Bruce Hornsby (piano, vocals, bass, John Cage samples); Justin Vernon (background vocals); Blake Mills (guitar); Chad Wright (drums); J.V. Collier (bass); Gibb Droll (pedal steel, guitar); J.T. Thomas (organ); Rob Moose (viola, violin); .

Blake (guitar) has worked with a diverse a crowd, for example Kid Rock, Norah Jones, Pink and Dixie Chicks and also Lana Del Ray.

One of the newest Absolute Zero songs, it was written towards the end of the record’s recording.

Rob (guitar, viola, mandolin) counts Chris Thile/Punch Brothers, Bon Iver and Ben Folds amongst his collaborations.

“A particular tour de force of Hornsby/Moose featuring special guitar by Blake Mills, blossoms into gripping ‘60s soul choruses.”

From Bruce: “Comes from an extended family history of depression. (“Lost Soul” was about one of my cousins). “Halcyon Days” covers the same sort of thing. “Pastures of Plenty”… I tend to revisit it, like I do the race issue. I can’t explain it, other than to say that I’ve been surrounded by it through my life.”

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