Released on March 21 2019 on Apple Music, iTunes and YouTube.

Features Bruce Hornsby (piano, vocals); Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon (vocals), Sean Carey (vocals, keyboards); Michael Lewis (saxophone); Jeremy Ylvisaker (guitar); J.V. Collier (bass); Brad Cook (bass); Chris Messina (loops); J. T. Bates (drums). Co-written with Justin Vernon.

“Manages to animate a rare style – miserablist polyrhythms – without skimping on the funk itself.”

“This song was put together in Eau Claire, WI last April, starting with an unused film cue, developed and expanded upon in the studio with spontaneous contributions from Sean Carey (who just walked in and started singing), Jeremy Ylvisaker (playing guitar that doesn’t sound like guitar!), Mike Lewis and J. T. Bates on sax and drums, Brad Cook (and later Noisemaker J.V. Collier) on bass, and Justin and I taking turns in the vocal booth trading ideas and melodies. Pretty much, mostly concocted right there at April Base! (Vernon’s recording facility).”

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