The Wild Frontier

Features: Bruce Hornsby (accordion, vocals, dulcimer, piano); George Marinelli (guitar, backing vocals); John Molo (drums, percussion); Joe Puerta (bass, backing vocals); David Mansfield (guitar, violin).

We’ve never gotten used to L.A. and always wanted to get back home to the South. In this song, I called home “the wild frontier”, but whatever you picture – backwoods, mountains or open plains – it’s really tame, and definitely more appealing when compared with the out-of-control L.A. metro area.

The references to California aren’t too veiled. You’ve got smog, freeways, bisexuals and city of gold gone haywire in the first verse … sort of a Montezuma’s revenge.

And then you’ve got cosmetic marvels in the second verse trying to bite off any remote piece of the showbiz scene that they can, you know, parking attendant at Universal Studios.

John Hornsby

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