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Down the Road Tonight

Features: Bruce Hornsby (piano, vocals, synthesizer); George Marinelli (guitar); John Molo (drums, percussion); Joe Puerta (bass); David Mansfield (guitar), Huey Lewis (harmonica, vocals)

When we were kids we’d hear about some joint in town or some trailer out in the country that was a gathering place for nameless adults who were sort of people of the night … well-traveled types or just locals with a penchant for underground activity. Anyway, these places were off-limits, and we could only imagine what went on.

In the song, a naive guy falls in love with a cheap older woman and just like us kids, never really knows what’s going on. He just knows it’s something wild. And, as with a lot of things, the imagination is better than the reality.

John Hornsby


mp3  Down the Road Tonight
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Columbus, OH
Band show; soundboard
April 23 1996


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