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Mandolin Rain

Features: Bruce Hornsby (piano, vocals, dulcimer, synthesizer); George Marinelli (backing vocals); John Molo (drums, percussion); Joe Puerta (backing vocals); David Mansfield (mandolin).

Plainly, this song is about missing someone badly. And it’s about trying to pull through when so many things remind you of her – a tune, a ferry whistle, mainly a summer storm.

But the whole thing is not really in the past. I think that the girl we envisioned is more of a free spirit, someone who leaves and comes back, but is so special that you choose to keep trying, to keep hoping.

It’s a basic song about lost love, but we tried to make it distinctive by putting it in a Southern folk setting.

John Hornsby


mp3  Song H > Mandolin Rain > Black Muddy River
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Bridgeport, CT
Band show; audience
October 2 2009

Official video:


Live video:


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