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Every Little Kiss

Features: Bruce Hornsby (accordion, vocals, piano, synthesizer); George Marinelli (guitar); John Molo (drums, percussion); David Mansfield (guitar)

The premise of this song is how poorer families are broken up when the husband or father has to get a job far away in another town because there are no opportunities at home.

Bruce came up with this idea in the summer of ’85 when there were a lot of stories in the news about steelmills and shipyards shutting down. Around that time he was on the road in a back-up band and got a taste of the longing everybody feels at one time or another when you’re so far away from someone you love.

This song is about the basic longing and about how it gets more intense when you have less control over your life thanks to hard economic times.

John Hornsby



mp3  Every Little Kiss
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Williamsport, PA
Band show; soundboard
June 5 1996

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