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Preacher in the Ring

There’s no way I can enter into the same dialogue on some of the Spirit Trail songs as I did on my review of Scenes from the Southside. Spirit Trail offers several new concepts which I’m not so sure about. Preacher in the Ring is one example. We do have some tall tales to tell here in Wales, but nothing so far that concerns snake-handling congregations (mind you – what a good idea to start filling up some of our dwindling chapels!)

I have read on one review that it might be something to do with one congregation up in the Appalachian Mountains who took one verse in the New Testament a little too literally, and formed a sect of their own. I also note the influence of Lee Smith is acknowledged on the album cover (and on The Road Not Taken).

Carwyn Tywyn


mp3  Preacher in the Ring part 1
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September 26 2009



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