Shadow Hand

Probably my second favourite song on the album! I think the essence of this song lies in its simplicity. It’s a 3-chord wonder, talking about the existence of an imaginary childhood companion. I don’t know if it’s written specifically about any of Bruce’s children, nevertheless, the sensitive handling of the topic demonstrates that Hornsby is probably equally at home on a kid’s activity centre as he is on the keyboards.

As I said, it’s the simplicity of the idea, in the middle of an album full of complicated grown-up ideas, that’s most appealing. And the simplicity of the childhood friendship with this imaginary being, serves to highlight some of the complexities of adult life: “No cards to send, no torn heart to mend. A little imagination and then…a world of fantasy with my friend”. Simple as that!

Carwyn Tywyn


mp3  Shadow Hand
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Boston, MA
on dulcimer
band show; audience recording
September 27 2009



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